Recover Deleted Instagram Live

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Live in 7 Easy Steps

Do you want to Recover Deleted Instagram Live videos? This comprehensive guide outlines five easy steps to help you retrieve your precious moments in no time. Don’t panic – act swiftly, check the “Recently Deleted” folder, and download your data.

Recover Deleted Instagram Live

If needed, seek help from Instagram support and consider third-party recovery tools as a last resort. Follow these tips to get back your deleted Instagram Live video effortlessly. So, let’s get started and retrieve your precious moments in no time!

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Understanding the Importance of Instagram Live

What is Instagram Live

Users can broadcast real-time footage to their followers using Instagram Live. It provides an interactive and authentic way to engage with your audience, share experiences, and promote your brand or content.

Significance of Deleted Instagram Live

Deleting an Instagram Live session can be disheartening, especially if it holds essential content or moments you want to preserve. Luckily, Instagram has measures to help you recover your deleted Live videos.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Deleted Instagram Live

Here’s a Step by Step method by which you can recover deleted Instagram Live

Act Swiftly: Don’t Delay

The first and most crucial step in recovering your deleted Instagram Live is to act swiftly. Instagram has a time limit within which you can restore deleted content. The likelihood of a full recovery decreases with time.

So, as soon as you realize your Live video is deleted, don’t waste any time and move on to the next step.

Check Recently Deleted Folder

Instagram introduced a helpful feature called the “Recently Deleted” folder, which serves as a safety net for your deleted content. To access this folder, open your Instagram profile, go to the three-line menu, and click “Settings.” Go there, then click “Account”, followed by “Recently Deleted.”

Here, you’ll find your deleted Instagram Live video and other recently deleted posts. To restore the video, tap on it, click “Restore,” and you’re one step closer to getting it back.

Make Use of Instagram Data Download

If your Instagram Live video is not in the “Recently Deleted” folder, don’t lose hope just yet. Instagram allows users to download their data, including all posts and stories. To do this, go to “Settings” on your Instagram profile, click on “Security,” and then “Download Data.” With just your email address, Instagram will offer you a download link for your data.

Once you receive the link, download the data and search for your deleted Live video.

Seek Help from Instagram Support

If you have tried the above steps and still couldn’t recover your Instagram Live, it’s time to reach out to Instagram support for assistance. Clearly explain the problem while including essential information regarding the deleted video.

While Instagram’s support team may take some time to respond, they have access to tools that can help recover your content.

Look for Local Backups

Sometimes, your phone may create automatic data backups, including Instagram Live videos. Check your device’s local storage or cloud backup services for any copies of the deleted video.

Utilize Third-Party Recovery Tools (As a Last Resort)

Third-party recovery tools may help you retrieve your deleted Instagram Live video if all else fails. These tools are not officially endorsed by Instagram, so proceed with caution. One popular option is to use data recovery software designed for mobile devices. Before utilizing the instrument, do extensive research, read reviews, and be aware of potential risks.

Prevent Future Deletions

Preventative efforts should be taken to avoid such accidents in the future:

  • Always double-check before deleting any content.
  • Regularly back up your Instagram Live videos to external storage.
  • Consider using third-party apps that automatically save your Live videos.


Accidentally deleting your Instagram Live doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By acting swiftly and utilizing Instagram’s built-in features, you stand a good chance of recovering your valuable content. Remember to check the Recently Deleted folder and archived stories first. If all else fails, seek support from Instagram or explore reputable third-party apps cautiously.


Unfortunately, Instagram’s Recently Deleted folder holds content for only 30 days. Beyond that, retrieval becomes challenging. Therefore, act promptly to recover deleted Lives.

Some third-party applications lack security or dependability. Few may compromise your account’s privacy or pose other risks. Only use well-known, trusted apps and read reviews before proceeding.

While Instagram support will do its best to assist, it may not guarantee successful recovery in all cases. However, it’s worth reaching out to explore all possibilities.

No, you cannot recover deleted Instagram Live from someone else’s account. You can only recover deleted Instagram Live content from your account.

Instagram does not specify a limit on how many Lives you can recover as long as they fall within the 30-day window in the Recently Deleted folder.

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