How to Download InstaPro Apk On Scarlet iOs

InstaPro is a popular photo and video sharing application that allows users to capture, edit and share moments on the go. With over 1 billion active monthly users, InstaPro has become one of the most engaging social media platforms today. While InstaPro originated as an iOS exclusive app, the creators have now released a version for Android as well. Download InstaPro Apk On Scarlet involves some steps.

However, the InstaPro apk is not available for download directly through the Apple App Store due to company restrictions. This means iOS users need to download the InstaPro apk file through a third-party source like Scarlet, which is a modded application store and alternative to the official Apple App Store.


Downloading apps outside the App Store breaches Apple’s terms and conditions. However, it can be done through some workarounds. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to successfully and safely Download InstaPro Apk On Scarlet.

Is Downloading the InstaPro Apk Safe for iOS?

Apple has strict security policies to protect iOS devices against malware. Downloading from unknown sources could pose a security risk. However, the process can be safe if proper precautions are taken:

  • Only download the apk from trusted and verified sources. InstaPro’s official apk can be found on their website.
  • Check reviews and download numbers before installing any apk file. More downloads and positive ratings indicate a safe file.
  • Install a reliable antivirus app on your iOS device to scan the file before installation.
  • Avoid opening or installing files from pop-up ads or suspicious links. These often contain malware.

As long as you exercise caution, downloading the Instagram apk through Scarlet should not harm your iPhone or compromise its security.

Prerequisites for Download InstaPro Apk On Scarlet

Before you begin downloading, ensure your iOS device meets the following requirements:

  • Your iPhone or iPad should be running iOS 10.0 or later. InstaPro apk will not work on earlier versions.
  • Your device needs an active internet connection for apk download and installation. Wi-Fi is recommended.
  • Ensure you have adequate storage space for the app. The InstaPro apk is around 30MB.
  • Your device needs to have permissions enabled for installing apps from external sources like Scarlet.
  • Apple ID credentials may be required during installation for verification. Once your iOS device is ready, move on to the step-by-step guide for a smooth apk installation.

Step 1: Enable App Installation from External Sources

By default, iOS devices restrict installation of apps not approved by the App Store. To install InstaPro apk from Scarlet, you need to enable app downloads from other sources:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap on “General Management”.
  • Choose “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management” depending on your iOS version.
  • Look for the “Enterprise App” option and tap on it. Toggle “Trust” on. This grants permission to download and install app packages outside the App Store through sources like Scarlet.

Step 2: Download the InstaPro Apk File

  • Once third-party app installation is enabled, you can proceed to download the apk file.
  • On your device’s browser, go to Scarlet and search for the latest version of InstaPro apk.
  • Tap the download button and the apk file will begin downloading.

Once completed, you can find the InstaPro.apk file in your device’s Downloads folder. Avoid websites offering InstaPro apk downloads outside of Scarlet, as they may not be verified sources.

Step 3: Install an Anti-Virus App

Before installing the apk, it is highly recommended to scan the file for potential malware. For this, install a trusted antivirus app from the App Store such as AVG Antivirus or McAfee Security. Run a thorough scan on the downloaded InstaPro.apk file. If the scan detects any security threats, delete the file right away. Only proceed once the antivirus app confirms the apk is safe for installation.

Step 4: Install the Instagram Apk on iOS

With the file downloaded and verified, you can now install the Instagram apk on your iPhone/iPad:

  • Open the Downloads folder and tap on the InstaPro.apk file.
  • Accept the app permissions prompt to initiate installation.
  • Your iOS device may request your Apple ID password or security code. Provide the credentials and complete the verification process.
  • Once verified, the InstaPro app will begin installing on your device.
  • The installation may take a few minutes. Once complete, you will find the InstaPro icon on your home screen, ready to open. And that’s it!

By following these simple steps, you can successfully and safely download and install the InstaPro apk on your iOS device through Scarlet. Have fun exploring the popular photo and video sharing app!

Download InstaPro Apk On Scarlet


Does InstaPro apk work the same as the iOS app? Yes, the apk mirrors all the core features and filters of the official Instagram app for iOS. You can easily access your feed, stories, Reels, IGTV content and more.

Will my account work on the Instagram apk? Absolutely. Just log in using your regular Instagram username and password. All your followers, posts and login details will sync across seamlessly.

How do I update the Instagram apk on iOS? When InstaPro releases new app versions, they simply uninstall the old apk and repeat the download and installation process for the latest file through Scarlet.

Is the Instagram apk safe from banning my account? Using apk does not get your Instagram account banned, as long as you download it from a trusted source like Scarlet. Millions of users access Instagram daily through apk with no issues.

Can I post Stories and Reels and use filters with apk? Yes, you have full posting capabilities and access to IG Story and Reels features. The apk also includes all native filters for editing your photos and videos before sharing. So go ahead and delight your followers with creative content through InstaPro apk on your iOS device!


Although the official Instagram app remains restricted to iOS only, Android users need not miss out on the popular social media platform. Downloading the InstaPro apk through Scarlet provides the complete Instagram experience on your device with some simple workarounds. Exercise caution by downloading the apk only from trusted sources and scanning for malware beforehand.

With the right security measures, you can safely install InstaPro on iOS and connect with friends and family through photos and videos. As mobile device restrictions continue to ease, accessing your favorite apps across platforms becomes even more convenient. So sit back, relax and seamlessly enjoy the Instagram experience on your preferred device!

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